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Check out the new publication in Clinical Pediatrics! Dr. McClain Verdoes collaborated with Drs. Shahidullah (Rutgers the State University of New Jersey), Azad (Johns Hopkins), Mezher (Miami University), and McIntyre (University of Oregon) on a commentary discussing linking the educational and medical home when serving children with ASD.

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Dr. McClain Verdoes and two SPRL graduate research assistants (Cassity Haverkamp, Fiona Molsberry) recently collaborated with Dr. Otero (University of New Mexico Center for Development and Disability) on their most recent article published in Psychology in the Schools.

SPRL graduate research assistants Chandler Benney (left) and Kandice Olson (right) presenting at Rocky Mountain Psychological Association in April!

Several SPRL research students traveled to Chicago for the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) annual conference. SPRL graduate research assistant Cassity Haverkamp presented a poster on the effectiveness of various emotion identification interventions for students with ASD at the NASP.

SPRL research assistants Chandler Benney, Kandice Olson, and Cassity Haverkamp exploring Chicago while at NASP!

Cassity explaining her research at NASP.

Cassity at her poster at NASP.

URLEND and Riley Hospital for Children LEND trainees and Dr. McClain Verdoes at their AUCD poster presentation.

#AUCD 2017 - Dr. Maryellen McClain Verdoes of SPRL presented on assessing LEND trainees knowledge of ASD with occupational therapy and psychology trainees from Utah regional LEND, Riley Hospital for Children, and Indiana University at AUCD in Washington, DC. Nice interdisciplinary and cross university collaboration everyone!

Check out SPRL's most recent publication! Inattention and hyperactivity/impulsivity among children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, autism spectrum disorder, and intellectual disability by Drs. McClain Verdoes, Hasty Mills (Glenwood Autism and Behavioral Health Center), and Murphy (University of Tennessee Health Science Center).

Cassie Bovee, undergraduate research assistant with the Speech and Auditory Perception Lab (SAP LAB) at Utah State University, presented on the effects background noise has on speech perception for children who have ASD at the USU Student Research Symposium today! The SPRL and SAP LAB are collaborating on an on-going project examining the effects of background noise on speech perception and reading performance in children with and without ASD. 

Cassie during her poster presentation

Cassie and SAP LAB director, Dr. Sarah Yoho Leopold

Excited to announce that Maryellen McClain Verdoes and Cassity Haverkamp will be conducting a workshop on differential diagnoses during the ASD assessment process at the Brigham Young University Autism Translational Research Workshop in January!