The SPRL values collaborations across disciplines as well as with others in the field of school psychology. Below are some of our current collaborations! 


Speech & Auditory perception lab

SAPLAB logo.png

The SPRL is excited to collaborate with Dr. Sarah Yoho Leopold, assistant professor of communicative disorders and deaf education and director of the Speech & Auditory Perception Lab (SAPLAB) at Utah State University. The SPRL and SAPLAB are currently working together to better understand how children with Autism Spectrum Disorder understand speech and complete academic tasks when background noise is present.

Drs. Julia Englund Strait & Gerald Gill Strait

The SPRL is currently collaborating with Drs. Julia Englund Strait and Gerald Gill Strait, assistant professors of school psychology at the University of Houston - Clear Lake, on a project focused on mindfulness interventions and executive functioning, attention, and anxiety.


Dr. Bryn Harris

The SPRL is also collaborating with Dr. Bryn Harris, associate professor of school psychology at the University of Colorado Denver, on several projects focused on ASD and school psychology.